Industrial Blasting Coating - Cal Water Tank

In the Fall of 2017, NCI's Team in the Commercial and Industrial Blasting Coating division mobilized to Redondo Beach, California to perform work on reclaimed water tank HR-030 for the California Water Service.

The scope of work called for the complete preservation of the interior of a 40,000-gallon welded steel tank with strict adherence to Cal Water Service’s ASPS (Application Specific Coating Specification).  Additionally, all work was to be completed within a tight Period of Performance in order to minimize facility down-time.  Importantly, this tank required two coating systems – a 3-coat system including a zinc-rich primer, stripe, and top coats for the Vapor Zone and another, entirely different single-coat high solids epoxy system in the Immersed Zone.

industrial blasting coating

This tank is located in a residential area with single-family homes on three sides, street access from a busy 6-lane road, and with a very tight laydown area.  After setting up equipment, obtaining all necessary clearances, and certifying the tank gas-free and Safe for Men by our in-house Safety Department, we cleaned the interior surfaces to SSPC SP-1 specifications.  This was verified by our in-house Quality Assurance department as well as Cal Water’s on-site supervisor (as was every other cleanliness, surface preparation, and coating system QA checkpoint throughout the project). 

After cleaning, NCI sandblasted the entire interior to SSPC SP-10 specifications with appropriate surface profile for the coating systems to be applied.  Next, we applied the two distinct coating systems inside the tank (the 3-coat system for the Vapor Zone and the single-coat system for the Immersed Zone).

Once the final inspection was complete and Cal Water had signed off on our work, the team cleaned the area and demobilized. 

This job offered a unique set of challenges. The equipment lay down area surrounding the tank and general access to the site were extremely limited, the job site was in a densely-populated residential area with strict noise restrictions, there were two completely different coating systems required in the same space, and NCI was held to a tight schedule to get the tank back into service. Despite these challenges NCI’s Industrial Team was able to meet the period of performance on time, on budget & on schedule.